What? Railo is done and now we have Lucee?

In case you haven’t heard it seems the main Railo developers have split and created their own fork of Railo - called Lucee. From the sounds of it, we will all have to convert Railo to Lucee. Who knows what the real reasoning is for this but it appears to be related to ownership vrs the community’s vision for the future.

It all sounds great! However, for me, the issue is now having to open discussions again with all my clients that I previously recommended Railo to. I didnt take recommending Railo easily in the first place so now that I have to go to them and explain why they need to convert to Lucee is a bit unsettling. My clients look for performance, modern technology and long term plateform stability. This doesnt say much for stability. Will it hurt the open source cfml movement?

I guess for now it’s time to sit back and let the dust settle before choosing to go with Lucee, stay with Railo or just start switching back to Adobe.

Tags: Railo; Lucee